Jon Ryan

Jon Ryan

Early years[ edit ] Ryan was born and raised in Regina , Saskatchewan. He attended Sheldon-Williams Collegiate for high school, where he played as running back , placekicker and punter on the school’s football team. He then attended the University of Regina , where he played both punter and wide receiver for the Regina Rams football team from During his rookie season, Ryan finished second in punting average to Noel Prefontaine of the Toronto Argonauts. During training camp in he found out his father, Bob, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he persevered through a tough season, which included punting in a game two days after his father’s death. His teammates voted him as the recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award in for his display of courage and sportsmanship, and for being an inspiration in the locker room. In the 26—0 loss, he finished with six punts for net yards for a Overall, in the season, he finished with 84 punts for 3, net yards for a

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Even after the setback in San Diego, the Colts are in 1st zone in the AFC South,plus they showed with wins over the Seattle Seahawks in Indy plus San Francisco 49ers aboard the road that Indianapolis namely a team to be reckoned with.

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Is vodka soda always your drink of choice? It goes down smoothly. What do you consider your big break? For the first time I had a full-time writing job. I was on television writing for myself and doing my own jokes.

Sarah Colonna’s stand-up career and personal life are both at an all-time high. The day before her birthday in December Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan popped the question, her Off The Rails.

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Join us on Dec. Has since deleted his accounts. I’ve been telling Jon about all the amazing tweets I’ve been getting today thanking him for not being afraid to stand for what is right.

Flørt underveis med en app for mobil dating. det er ikke alle der gør det, seattle seahawks punter dating sarah colonna men southwest airlines dating politikk størstedelen går dog rundt og nyder julen download denne app dating-appen, men for venner fra microsoft store til windows 10, windows 10 mobile, hololens.

With a Sense of Humor Engaged comedian and bestselling author Sarah Colonna is here to tell us why Pinterest is her unexpected new best friend—and why you probably won’t see any DIY wood chip accents at her wedding. I was a regular on the E! Jon plays for the Seattle Seahawks, so one evening, when another comedian from the show, Ross, was standing on the sidelines before the game, Jon seized the opportunity.

He introduced himself to Ross, told him he was a fan always a smart move to compliment the person you’re about to ask to introduce you to another person , and asked him to put in a “good word” with me for him. Ross, being a huge Seahawks fan, was very excited about the possibility of me dating a member of the team, so he told Jon to tweet at me to get the ball rolling yay for how we communicate in ! Jon did so, which I thought was cute, but didn’t take all too seriously at first, since, well, he was a professional athlete who was flirting with me on Twitter.

Cut to almost two years later and we’re engaged.

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You were quite the athlete in high school. Lacrosse, hockey, football, basketball and track. What led you to stick with football? The love of it and being better at that than any other sport, I would say. Seahawks punter Jon Ryan, right, says he hasn’t pestered coach Pete Carroll to let him relive his days at his college position of wide receiver. Whose game would you compare yours to?

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I never heard how much rainfall we experienced in southern Saskatchewan over the last 24 hours but it was immense. Hands up – how many people thought the driving, powerful rains were going to force the game to be delayed or postponed? But the game of football goes on rain or shine and what a contrast it was on Sunday when the Saskatchewan Roughriders eventually trampled the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to open the CFL season.

The Riders mauled dejected Ticats quarterback Zach Collaros pictured above an astounding 10 times and left the Tabbies leaving the stadium licking their wounds. They looked completely bewildered by the wretched conditions while the Riders looked like they were playing inside a dome, totally unaffected by the wind and rain.

hello from across the ocean I’m Sarah I’m such a silly girl but I still really admired your writing. 投稿: guild wars 2 gold | 年10月22日 King County built the Kingdom (which was a multipurpose stadium) and were soon rewarded with the NFL expansion Seattle Seahawks.

He performs great under pressure, faking a field goal and throwing for a touchdown when his team is down in the NFC Championship. Twitter user TwinBrick puts it best in less than characters. Seriously could JonRyan9 be a better tweeter? No, he can not. I got Earl Thomas! Which Seahawk are YOU? It can be easy for professional athletes to lose track of their roots, but not for Ryan who has played for Seattle the past seven years.

Coming back from media day today we drove by the Super 6 motel I used to live in. He stands up for his teammates when the haters make noise. In fact, I highly recommend watching the reality show just for the sake of understanding what Ryan is tweeting about. There are even people proposing he take over hosting the show. Took an Uber to the airport this morning and the driver literally fell asleep multiple times.

Jon Ryan on Seahawks Weekly – 10.15.2015

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