It may or may not be true but it is what I believe. If you are able to poke holes in my theory, please do. If you can prove it wrong, great! I will then continue my search. I want to see this chest found either by me or by someone else. Curiosity has my attention.

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Beatrice Hazlehurst 11 July As a space for a range of diverse characters to find their niche, YouTube has bred a plethora of cultural staples. From Justin Bieber to Gigi Gorgeous , the video platform subverted the entertainment industry’s traditional route to stardom’s mountaintop, offering instead a thin, bracken-covered goats’ trail for the talented to trudge through to get to the top.

It’s not easy, and only a few reach the pinnacle unscathed, but for Superfruit’s Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying , the path to the success was a walk in the park. The collaborators and best friends they met, and briefly dated, in high school are both members of Pentatonix, the five-piece acapella alumni of NBC’s The Sing-Off who ascended to stratospheric success on Pitch Perfect-era YouTube.

Concurrently, Grassi and Hoying became vlogging sensations in their own right, uploading skits and comedy videos amid clips of them performing duets. It didn’t take long for the twosome to reach icon status respectively, prompting them to combine their superior vocals and irrepressible penchant for pure fun to form Superfruit:

A capella pop act Pentatonix is poised to make an impact, and beat boxer Kevin Olusola has a lot to say about it. We talk to Kevin about their success, his beliefs, and what it is like to play.

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I will break it down for everyone starting from the top left photo! Sam and Hayes are my friends. Andrea is in that picture too. Cameron and I with a fan. We just got off a boat with all our friends and we just happened to be the only ones that the girl saw — because we walked off the boat last. We are just friends!

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The YouTube channel for Pentatonix PTXofficial has over 14 million subscribers and 2 billion views, and it continues to rise. He also has a YouTube channel together with Scott Hoying called Superfruit, which has surpassed 2 million subscribers, and continues to grow. Pentatonix also made a cameo in the movie “Pitch Perfect 2. He has tan skin with dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes.

We ask you PTX related questions and you can answer them if you want.

A lot of the reality singing shows have judges who can get really mean. Did you go in expecting to deal with harsh critics and surprised when all the judges were nice? We knew this was a different kind of show. As for the judges, they really do care about the contestants, the show, and a cappella in general. They actually cut out a lot of the judges remarks to make the episodes short enough for television.

Speaking of which, I know your brother, Chris, used to do a lot of your unique arrangements. Is that still the case? Tim and Chris usually lay down a template and then we all make the arrangement real once we start working through it. And do you call yourself a vocal percussionist or a beat boxer? Vocal percussion is a blanket term for anything percussive that is made with the voice.

Beat boxing is a type of vocal percussion. Do you ever sing a single word? I do a mean Gangnam Style! Some call you the first Country a capella group.


Share 64 shares ‘And seriously, Josh turned to me – and we were no-one at that time – and he said to me: Right after Nick Jonas announced the winners, the pair began unbuttoning their trousers No pants dance: Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun then promptly dropped their pants before making their way to the stage Nice work: A bemused Rihanna looked impressed Good old days: Standing in their boxers as if it was the most normal thing in the world, Joseph began regaling a story from their youth in Colombus Ohio, when a group of their friends were all chilling out at home and watching the Grammys ‘So not only is this amazing, but I want everyone at home whose watching to know that you can be next,’ Joseph concluded.

And this is that.

A capella pop act Pentatonix is poised to make an impact, and beat boxer Kevin Olusola has a lot to say about it. We talk to Kevin about their success, his beliefs, and what it is like to play.

He was previously engaged to Travis Bush. Mitch Grassi is best known as the youngest member of Pentatonix band. Mitch Grassi was drawn to stage performance, immersing himself in music theater in his hometown from an early age. He is openly gay. Mitch Grassi was previously rumored to be engaged to Travis Bush but they broke off their engagement later. His relationship status is single on social sites. His parents are Mike Grassi and Nel Grassi. He was interested in school plays and theatres since his school days.

He graduated from Martin High School. He was drawn to stage performance, immersing himself in music theater in his hometown from an early age. The people he collaborated with as a junior got together later forming a trio. The YouTube channel for Pentatonix PTXofficial has over 15 million subscribers and 2 billion views, and it continues to rise.

Sing by Pentatonix Lyrics

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She wanted the singers to autograph it. Their harmonies are tight. I love their arrangements. Fourteen years after the group was started by two music-crazy brothers from Mankato, Home Free hopes it has made a leap toward stardom, or at least a step up from playing concerts a year at county fairs, small colleges and cruise ships. But first, there was the seat auditorium at La Crescent — the final gig they had booked before winning national fame.

Humor and harmonies Three things about the guys in Home Free: They wear Western clothes — shirts, cowboy boots and big belt buckles. And they truly harmonize. Ranging in age from 27 to 34, they get along like brothers who are the best of pals. With a speaking voice as deep as his singing, Foust even taunted the fans by threatening to sing a soaring Dolly Parton song. As with any a cappella ensemble, though, it comes down to the vocals. And Home Free hits a home run.

Hoying knows a little bit about succeeding in a world where no instruments are allowed. He taught our bass singer a couple things, like how to sing lower.

FACT CHECK: Are the Pentatonix Group Members Gay A Proud A Capella Group!

Avi Kaplan has officially announced that he’ll be leaving Pentatonix, commencing this summer. Pentatonix rose to fame thanks to their incredible a capella style which saw them go viral on YouTube; at the time of writing, the band have In an emotional video posted to Facebook , Avi revealed that, after six years with the a capella group, he’s calling quits on his time in the band.

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Pentatonix Launches Their A Capella Starships!

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A cappella group Pentatonix performs soul stirring version of Hallelujah. These guys are always giving me chills over chills with their superb voices and talent. What an.

Ever since that night, Kirstie has been trying to deny that she has been growing a liking to Mitch. We need to hang out, girl. Oh c’mon Scott, you have Mitch and Kyle with you anyways. She dropped the phone on her bed and sat down. First of all, she was avoiding Mitch. For reasons she was still denying. She reasons the fact that she just broke up with someone, but she knew the real reason.

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Share this article Share On Wednesday, TMZ reported that the star’s reasons for dropping the restraining order keeping her ex away from their son was only in the son’s interest. According to the website, when she said in legal documents that she was concerned about the ‘physical and emotional safety’ of herself and her son, she was referring to any possible emotional scarring the child might suffer from witnessing his father threaten his mother – not accusing Otunga of physically threatening their offspring.

Here the star is seen coaching the 13th season of The Voice, which airs Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC David hd previously argued that he has been the primary care giver for their son ever since birth because Jennifer’s work schedule is so heavy. Indeed, in the past eight years she has kept very busy. She also sang How Great Thou Art on A Very Pentatonix Christmas, which aired last week Otunga will be the primary caregiver until a more permanent deal is made, according to the site.

Jennifer has also ‘voluntarily dropped her order of protection, which prohibited David from having contact with their son or her,’ the site added.

Every song is owned by Pentatonix. This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law.

We talk to Kevin about their success, his beliefs, and what it is like to play cello and beat box at the same time. Photo courtesy of Tim Cruz Kevin Olusola is a busy man. An outstanding cello player, a well-known beat boxer, a member of the Sing-Off winning a capella group Pentatonix, and a world-traversing performer, you would think that he would be untouchable, frequently stressed, and arrogant to boot.

Kevin is the kind of guy you want to root for — an accomplished Yale graduate with amazing skill at his craft and a world of opportunity in front of him, but unassuming as can be and an absolute joy to talk to. Fans of the group know what to expect — blistering pop covers that completely reshape the songs, a strong dose of musicality that is still accessible, and an emphasis on having fun with music.

It is one of the more unique releases delivered by a group this year, and hopefully one that will find the kind of mainstream success that has alluded a capella groups in the past. How did you start playing cello and beat boxing at the same time? I started in Beijing, China. In the summer of I was studying Chinese all day and during my rest breaks I would play the cello. What are you doing?? The video that you saw, I was actually nominated for a senior prize at Yale and the board members wanted to see some of my work.

That cello beat boxing piece I had worked on for about a year so I decided to put it up for the competition. Does it help you with your art to be performing as a beat boxer and a cello player at the same time?

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This is not my usual pairing, I just wrote it for the request I received! It was pretty entertaining to write. I hope you enjoy it!

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Music fans from all around the world have fallen in love with their Christmas album “That’s Christmas To Me. YouTube “The First Noel” is a traditional classical English Christmas carol with roots dating back to an early modern period. Noel, in fact, is an early modern English synonym meaning Christmas. This beautiful Christmas hymn places listeners in the field with the shepherds as the angels approached them, sharing the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ. The shepherds followed that star, as did the Three Wise Men.

YouTube While hearing this power group sing is simply incredible, watching them while they do so leads to a memorable experience. The video for “The First Noel” takes place in a wintry wooded area with a lake in the background. The five members of Pentatonix are all dressed in their warm clothing – which adds to the holiday feel of the song. YouTube As they begin, their vocals are simply breathtaking as they deliver the beautiful lyrics.

Then in true Pentatonix fashion, they give the tune its own unique flare by adding sound effects and an upbeat rhythm. Pentatonix is known for their beat boxing and amazing background sound effects. Even with this solemn spiritual Christmas hit, their rich voices ring true and blend beautifully with their sound effects.


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